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Corporate Massage Services Description

We offer a wide range of corporate massage services. These services support wellness programs, massage for special events, (ex: Trade shows, Sales contests, Project perks and marketing events) or just a onetime corporate massage anywhere in the Huntsville, Alabama and surrounding areas.

No matter what size company, our massage therapists will provide a pleasurable experience. Massage in the workplace has been proven to reduce stress in the workplace as well as boost employee morale. Chair massage is so un-intrusive it will not interfere with the day to day affairs of your business. We need only a small semi private place to set up our chairs. The equipment used for the massage is specially designed portable massage chairs of the highest quality. Also, there is no disrobing or use of messy oils during chair massage.

We can also develop a corporate massage and wellness program designed to work around your company's schedule. All of these services are available on an on-site basis, with convenient on-line scheduling.

Did you know that massage is proven to reduce stress at the workplace!

Stress accounts for an estimated $200 billion dollars in lost productivity, work related accidents, workers compensation claims, medical and health insurance related costs. In addition, over 50% of lost work days and on the job accidents are stress related. Today there's one million employees missing work per day because of stress and 80% of industrial / construction accidents are stress related. Let us help your company change these numbers!

How can I incorporate massage into my workplace? Here are several different ways we can incorporate chair massage with your company's special event:

  • as a perk for a sales contest
  • reward for landing new customer
  • reward for big sale
  • at product launches
  • as awards or gifts to customers or clients
  • for recognition
  • for secretaries day
  • on a birthday
  • during the holidays
  • at company party or picnic

Who pays for chair massage at work?

There are 3 different pay structures for our corporate packages

  1. Corporate Sponsorship
  2. Employee/Corporate sponsorship
  3. Employee sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship means that the company pays 100% of the costs associated with the program.

Employee/ Corporate sponsorship means that the company and the employee agree on a percentage that each will cover. (For Example Company 60% / Employee 40%)

Employee sponsorship means that employee covers 100% of the costs

How often do your therapists come?

It's up to you! We can come to your office once a month or 7 days a week. You decide and set the schedule which best fits your companies daily routine. All we need is a 6' x 6' area and some employees to massage.

Offering massage at your workplace is a key asset to any company that wants to have healthy and happy employees.  Implementing a chair massage program is essential in reducing stress at work as well. Give it a try, and see for yourself the benefits of corporate massage at the workplace. There are many different ways to start a chair massage program at your office, please call us and we will design a program that is perfect for your company.

Also, having seated massage at your next company event is a great idea. Employees will benefit much more than from the run of the mill gifts.